Bugs and Other Critters

When a Wildlife Unit staff member answered the telephone on a Friday afternoon she thought she was on the receiving end of joke.

But no … the caller was sincere and very concerned about a frightening insect he had encountered. He described the creature in great detail and asked what he should do with it. Wishing to gain further clarity and being a little confused as to the species, the inspector asked where the insect was located. Expecting the caller to say in the garden or that it had buzzed its way into the house and was causing havoc, it came as a shock to learn that the little insect that was causing such terror was in a glass jar!

The solution was simple – let the creature fly to freedom!

At one time or another in our childhood most of us have caught some kind of bug and put it in a jar with holes in the lid. We now accept the error of our ways and discourage our children from doing the same.

Along with reptiles there is, however, a growing trend to keep insects and other invertebrates as pets – some of these creatures include stick insects, hissing cockroaches, scorpions, tarantulas and giant millipedes.

The Wildlife Unit is opposed to this practice and reiterates its stance that wild animals belong in the wild.

Updated: 26 March 2012

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