Security vs Wildlife

Security vs Wildlife

Due to the amount of crime witnessed in South Africa, the need for home security has increased. Although the introduction of physical barriers has become a necessity by and large, little thought has been given to the effects such structures have on the wildlife living in the neighbourhood. ‘Animal friendly' is not a catch phrase commonly used by suppliers of security barriers and is probably not even on the minds of those purchasing such.

Prior to the advent of barriers, wildlife would migrate within an area forming a home range. The enclosing of properties reduces the area available to these animals to survive and also reduces their food supply. Further to this natural corridors are blocked making passage between areas more visible and dangerous for the animal. The chances of animals being run over, beaten to death or attacked by pets, increases dramatically.

All barriers impact on wildlife.

Solid barriers can confine or exclude animals and can entrap them if they happen to accidently land in the property. One can only imagine what would happen to an animal if it encounters the family pet. The advantage is that most animals will recognise it as a barrier and should refrain from running into it whilst trying to escape.

Wire barriers and palisade fencing may seem less intrusive to an animal but unfortunately also have the added disadvantage that they may at times be squeezed through by an animal or the animal may enter through a break in the fence. When the animal is confronted by another animal or human it will panic and may not be able to exit the yard in time. In this situation it may not see the barrier clearly and run into the fence injuring or killing itself.

Electric fences not only have the disadvantage of not being completely visible to animals at times, but naturally also shock and burn. Many animals have been found entangled in such fences or have been trapped and literally shocked to death inclusive of tortoises.

Anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of working with razor wire will know the damage the ‘razors' cause. Animals can be fatally lacerated by this type of fencing.

Broken bottles and such like on top of solid barriers can also be injurious to any animal trying to scale it.

How many of us have been suddenly startled by the screaming of an ear piercing alarm, imagine the stress of an animal nearby.

Although we understand the importance of protecting your loved ones and property we ask that you also take the wildlife in and around your property into consideration when deciding on the type of barrier and system you will be using.

Updated: 22 March 2010

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