Working Donkeys


Donkeys are an integral part of the lives of many members of South African society who rely on them essentially for transportation.

By improving the welfare standards of animals with our outreach projects, we contribute to the upliftment of impoverished communities. During these visits teams of specialist staff provide on-site support, which could include replacing equipment and primary health care. Education always plays an important part in our interactions with communities.

The harnesses used on these working animals are often makeshift, inappropriate and cause injury and suffering. Our team replaces these crudely made harnesses and bits with new tack, resulting in major relief for these animals.

Skills transfer is an important component of the Donkey Upliftment Project and donkey owners are trained and guided in the making, repairing and fitting of harnessing for their animals. Equally important is knowledge transfer on basic care, handling, management and primary health care – so that owners are able to help themselves and their animals.

With you we are able to help more donkeys.

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Updated: 20 January 2016

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